About Dewford International College


Dewford International College is an international academic institute supporting the development of academic, social, emotional and physical growth for children from age five. At Dewford, we celebrate diversity and the individual talents that each child brings to our school. Dewford is deeply committed to developing self-motivated knowledge seekers through experiences. We strongly believe children can maximize their capabilities in a joyful and wholesome environment.


We are committed to respect each student’s unique potential. Our staff will strive to create an environment that will stimulate the joy of learning. Students will be responsible thinkers and gain the passion for nature and the society. ‘Purposeful play’ is the approach we take, so the students can ‘learn by doing’. Play based learning develops foundation for social skills, creative and critical thinking skills and essential habits that will support life-long learning.


At Dewford, students will begin their journey as a life-long learner. Our mission is to provide interactive and self-discovery learning programs to stimulate the student’s curiosity. Dewford provides English programs with emphasis on playful learning - allowing students to develop socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally. Play and learning creates individualized and challenging learning opportunities. Each student’s innate curiosity and interests will not be ignored at Dewford.