Kinder Programs


In Pre-Kinder, we emphasize learning through play which will spark the curiosity in the young children. Through play, children become actively involved in learning process and will stimulate their interests and to explore more.

Junior Kinder

In Junior-Kinder, children will continue to joy of learning through play while being introduced to more stimulating learning through interacting with others. Children will learn to express their feelings verbally and in writing. They will read books of different genres and explore the world. Children will work on in-depth projects individually or in groups.

Senior Kinder

In Senior-Kinder, the program will focus on stimulating the curious minds. The program will focus on exploration, critical thinking, team work and presentation. The children will make discoveries and observations about the their surroundings and about the world around them.


유아영어 (기초1) 758,000원/ 유아영어 (기초2)758,000원/ 유아영어 (기초3) 758,000원